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A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

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Welcome to Scarlett Granger's Diary

Hi. My name is Scarlett Granger and I go to Hogwarts School of
Witchcraft and Wizardry (or something like that). I'm thirteen, and my twin
sister is that total dorkhead Hermione Granger. We don't look the same, in fact,
we barely look related. But I guess that's a good thing, because I've seen her
in lessons, she looks like she's about to explode... speaking of exploding, have
you seen the remains of Neville's pet frog anywhere?

About this Community

Welcome to my Harry Potter fan-fiction, 'Scarlett'. After numerous
attempts to get it down on paper, I've decided to put it in diary format, in a
blog on Livejournal. None of these events are real, and Scarlett Granger is a
fictional character.
I would like to warn you that as the series progresses,
there will be swearing, and many kissing scenes, so for those who dislike that
sorta stuff, stay clear, OK?


1. Please do not post in this community. It's only for viewing
pleasure. You can always join and show your support for Scarlett Granger,
though, and if you need to contact me, please 'comment'. I allow anonymous

2. When commenting, can you please refrain from saying stuff
like 'Ur StOrIe iZ rUbBiShHhH!!!!!'. OK? Not only is it really rude, but it
also annoys me. I hate it when people type like idiots and can't spell
either. If this continues to happen I will block anonymous comments.

3. Fan-fictions are allowed. I love to hear Scarlett fan-fictions!
My friends at school have been listening to me tell the story of Scarlett since
she first entered my head six, almost seven years ago. They have
written numerous fan-fictions about the different kind of 'ships, what they
would change, and what they would like to happen. I really love reading them, so
if you have one, post it on your journal and I will make a link to it.

4. I guess that's about it... oh, yes, and remember tohave fun!

Scarlett Facts

~ The Scarlett legacy began nearly seven years ago, when I first
layed hands on a Harry Potter book. The characters really annoyed me, so every
once in a while I would put Scarlett into the storyline. This was waaaay before
I knew that people wrote Harry Potter fan-fictions, something that hit me in
2004 when I was browsing Mugglenet. I then came across

~ There have been many failed attempts at writing a Scarlett story.
I once finished the prologue, but that was as far as I got.

~ Scarlett's story was originally a three-part-series
called 'Scarlett'. It was in third-person (the same type of text that J K
Rowling uses. The first part was when Scarlett was 13-17, the second was when
Scarlett was 18-19, and the final one was when Scarlett was in her early
twenties. For this series, I don't really want to surpass the second series,
because I haven't really had time to concentrate on the third